10 Best ways to Make Money Online in India 2017-18

By | October 15, 2017

Make money online is not simple but yes you can absolutely earn a big amount of money online if you really have the eager to be your own boss. You have to keep patience for minimum  1 months before making your first online earning but once your earning will be start than you can rally earn a big money. Follow the ways I am telling you in my below email and you can really start earning a lots on daily basis. You can leave your full time job and can be your own boss following these simple tricks to make money online. Here are the top 10 ways to make money online in India . Cheers !


#1.  Affiliate Marketing :

Affiliate Marketing is number 1 in my list to start your online earning and absolutely there is no limit of money you can earn by this way. There are lots of affiliate programs available in India now a days which are genuine and people are earning 5 to 7 figures income online from these programs. You can start your own blog or a youtube channel to promote these affiliate programs to sale the products online. But go for youtube only if you have the skills to make good videos people will like and can put your affiliate links in the description otherwise go for blogs. You can start free blogs on blog spot or word-press otherwise you can buy a domain name of yours and can start a website as per your skills. Best affiliate programs in India are Flip-kart affiliate program and Amazon affiliate Program which you can join absolutely free. You can earn up to 13 percent from these programs and can a big money. Remember more traffic more money which means it will take some time to grow your online business and it can be from 1 months to 6 months as per your skills.


#2.  Make Money Online From YouTube :

Making Money from YouTube is second most effective way of online earning (first if you have the right skills to make awesome videos). You can make the videos related to anything like gaming videos, products reviews, comedy videos, beauty videos, how to videos, toys videos, fun videos, singing absolutely if you are a good singer, prank videos or sports videos as per your choice of skills. I have given only few videos ideas to you but you can make any of other as per your good skills. You can absolutely earn a big amount of money from YouTube but you have to put a lots of efforts initially and once your channel will go up than there will be no hard work in the last. People have earned billions from YouTube and doing so today.


#3. Blogging :

Blogging is another best way to find success in online money earning across the blog. If you are a good writer and have good skills about a certain subject you can start your blog and start earning big. Remember that strategy is most important things before start online earning and once you will make good strategy only than you will get success. So first make your strategy that what you can do and what you can write about and start your blog immediately once you are sure about the things.


#4. Become a Writer :

Start writing something today and you will gain confidence in this field. If your English grammar is not so strong you can start writing in Hindi too as may see lots of websites in Hindi today which are going viral so it does not matter how is your English Grammar, if you are really eager to earn online you can earn. There are lots of websites on internet today who can give you a good amount of money for writing for them. You can get Rs 1,000 to Rs, 20,000 for each article you write and absolutely you can start your own blog too if you know how to write something good.

#5. Be a Freelancer :

Become a Freelancer and see your self grow high. Initially it may be little difficult for you to get a work as freelancer but as soon as you will start doing good in this field you can earn lot of name and money as freelancer. If you have a certain skill you can start your freelancer work today, Here we are giving you the ideas to start freelance work – you can become a Freelance consultant, Free lance trainer for anything as per your skills, start selling brand products offline or online and get commission, start giving online or offline tuition to students. It depends on your skills what you can do good in freelancing. Think for today and start immediately. You can earn a big money as freelancer if you have certain skills like video editing, photography, writing , editing, making videos for anything, sporting , website making, blog writing or any other. There are freelancers who are earning 6 figure income with certain skills.


#6.Teaching :

Teaching online is another best way to make money online today. If you have a good knowledge of a subject start teaching online today and can earn a big amount of money there. If you have good skills of a subject than why you should waste your time in a wrong job, you should really start something as per your best skills which you can utilize giving online tuition’s to students. Today era is a globalization era and you can teach online around the globe and not only in your specific country where you stay however you must have a good English speaking skills or for other language if you are choosing your careers as a online tutor.

There are lots of good online platform where you can start your teaching career and can earn 5000 to 10,000 per hour. Udemy and Vedantu are good examples of these online platforms, you can join any of them free.


#7.  Start your Online Business :

Startups are growing fast in India from last few years and government is providing lots of benefits to start your easy offline or online business. Like if you in lack of money to start your online business government is giving you easy loans now a days so that you can start a business as per your best skills today. Several big companies are already exists to whom we know was started from scratch and big example of these are Flip-kart, Paytm, stardum (a crowd sourcing platform) and many others.

Like the way you can also start your online business like online store for any products or multiple products which can grow slow initially but if you will start with your best skills than this can make you a owner of big brand in future.

#8. Sell Your Products online :

Again if you can make your own products you can earn a good money start selling them online on blogs or Facebook as per your products category. There are lots of people today who are making different products and selling them by different methods online like you can make your educational videos , you can write ebooks can can sell them online. Remember that contents are the king so if you are making good products than it will be easy to sale them online and you will get a good selling amount from customers.


#9. Be a Seller :

You can purchase third party products and can start selling them on big websites like on Amazon or FlipKart. These online shopping platform will take a certain percent of commission for selling these products through them but you can make a good amount of money by this way. Home made products like handicrafts or notebook can be sale without TIN number as no tax applies on these items however for other products you have to keep ready your TIN number to start this business. Also this work need a little investment which can be between 10,000 to 50,000 as per products.


#10. OneAd App :

This method is only for those who do not have certain skills and still wants to make money online without doing any hard work. This has the capacity to earn up to 2.5 Lacs per month if you have a smartphone with you. One ad work like other online platforms as they run ads on their application and earn money with the help of those ads only. OneAd run third party ads on their site and you can earn money by referring your friends once you join this program. Minimum withdraw limit is only Rs. 3 on this app . This is an Indian app and 100% genuine till today . Click to Earn Up to 2.5 Lac per month with OneAd


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