Best Business Ideas in India with Low investment

By | August 21, 2017

Are you planning to start a business in India. Yes, you can start your own business and that too in a low investment. Best ideas can make you millionaire however with bad ideas you can lose your money even. If you will see the history you can see that most of the big entrepreneurs had started from the scratch and now these are the big even super big brads. We would like to take the example of Mark Zuckerberg, Bill gate, Ambani, Elon Musk and many more who started from the scratch and today these are world topmost rich persons. Everybody dream to make a billionaire but only few people apply this in their life and the people who work from heart are able to achieve the dreams

Here are top 10 business ideas which you can start as low as from 10,000 rs but these ideas can make you billionaire slowly.

  1. Cooking Classes – I would say that starting your own cooking classes can be number 1 business idea in your city and this business can make you rich enough. Cooking classes are a super hit business idea among metro and other urban areas because good food is something that everyone need and good quality pure food is not available on the shops in most of the urban areas. If good quality food is available in the areas than this is too super expensive which everyone cannot afford. Now the questions is that how you would start cooking classes in low cost so first you may start the platform like Facebook or You tube to increase your popularity. Make your own videos that how to cook certain type of food and upload these videos on Facebook and Youtube which will increase your popularity and slowly you can start a studio in your area post selecting certain hours on certain days. You should start the cooking classes on minimal fee and later you may increase the fee as your business expand.


2.  Consultancy Services – In urban areas you can start the consultancy services from your home. Consultancy services business in increasing in India fast as this business can be started from your own home and that too in a very low cost. You may start a consultancy service alone from your home or you may hire a assistance to help you to grow your business however this is advisable to have the depth knowledge or certain experience in that field to start  consultancy service for anyone.


3. Tour Guide – Tour Guide business can be a big and dream business for you if you love travelling on certain places. Are you travelling lovers and control freak and can invest the time to gain knowledge of different places and you can make a good combination of ticket cost, residence places and make a good combination of best trips at comparative prices than this tour guide business can be the best idea for you. Group travelers like corporate travelers, school travelers, business travelers or even family and personal travelers like to to take help with tour guide to enjoy the place in best manner hence people can ask you to provide guide for their tours when they are going out for a trip an this can be a best business idea for you in low cost.


4. Translation Services – Translators demands are increasing everyday in urban areas and it is on the top in metro cities like delhi, Mumabi, Hyderaban, Mumbai , Pune, Bengaluru and in many more India cities. Reason being that we know only Indian languages or English but any other foreign language like German, French, Chinese, Japanese no body know, We can see that only few youngsters know these foreign language however this is the era of globalization and people with fluent in foreign language are required in great number in these countries. You know that average yearly salary of a translator is more than 4 Lac in India which is a good enough amount. So if you are fluent in any of foreign language than you can start to provide your own services to a company and slowly you can set a business to provide translation services. This idea can be consider a low investment business idea in India.


5. Sports Coaching – If you are from a sports back ground or if you love sports then starting sports coaching can be a good idea for you to set up your own business. Every child wants to go to sports due to high demand and star in front of name however there are only countable sports coaching centers even in big cities and generally sports coaching are not available in most of the areas hence starting sports coaching can be a big and best idea to start your own business in India. If you are sports lover and you are good in certain type of sports than you can start this business in no cost. You can start sports coaching from your own home place and slowly you can grow this to the studio and can expand your frachise as well if you are good in this. Also you may start this sport coaching business by making your videos and sharing you Facebook and Youtube. If you are good in this than you can soon gain a big popularity around the city you are focusing on or even in whole country. This is one of the best business idea with low cost.

6. Home Tuition – Good Teachers are not easily available in most of the areas and you can start this business from anywhere if you are good. Home tuition is the best business ideas in urban areas as well as this idea may be grown in rural areas if you are living in a rural area. Parents need good teachers and they can ever provide a better fee if they really like the teacher. So you may initially start to give home tuition to children at their home and this business can be started without investing even a single rupee. Slowly you may start your business by hiring some good teachers or you may open your own tuition center to provide best education to students.

7. Computer Classes – If you have a basic computer knowledge, you can start computer classes business in your area. Initially you can start this business from your Home place. You just need  one or two computer and little space at your home to start this business. You can start from providing general computer knowledge like how to increase typing speed, Hindi typing, (shorthand classes can be started as well if you have idea), Microsoft excel, MS word, Ms access, power point , how to make email accounts and how internet work etc and later you may enhance your computer knowledge and can start to provide computer languages classes as well to the students. Computer classes coaching business can be a best business in low investment in India.

8. English Classes – English is one of the top concern of students. Most Hindi Medium back ground students are not able to fluent in English and they want to enhance their English fluency to get a good job. As know that today is the era of globalization and there are lots of multinational companies are established in India. As well as English speaking knowledge is a para meter in domestic jobs as well in today. So, everyone need is fluent English to find a good job in urban areas. If you are good in English speaking and writing you can start your own English speaking and writing classes. You can start this business from your home and slowly can expand to the big business. This is one of the best business idea in low investment.

9. RO Water Purifier Business – This business needs the investment of up to 50,000 however this can be a good business for you as clean water is everybody concern today not only in urban areas but in rural areas as well. It it not an easy task to find the pure clean water in a city and most of the RO Purifier providers also not able to provide the clean water ever. So you can take a bit knowledge of RO Purifier that you can take from any water purifier provider in your area and than later you start your own business of installing RO Water purifier at homes and you can start water bottle business as well. This can be consider a best business idea in India with low investment.

10. Travel Agency – Travel agency in urban areas can be started with a low cost as you can start this business from your home with low investment. This business can be started with no cost as first you can start a freelance travel business without any office. To star this business as super low cost (without any investment even) you can connect with a host agency  so that you can get all initial documents to start the business without any hassle and can start the business from home. Let your friends and colleagues know that you have started a travel business and they can take a package from you in case they are going any where. They will surely buy the package from you and this will increase your experience in this business as well as you can expand your business taking help on social medial like Facebook , You tube, Instagram etc. This business in one of the best business idea to start in low cost in India.


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