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As we know that make money online is easy now a days and even you can make big money online. If you are new in make money online than you must understand the power of online money making ideas as people are earning even in crores today by just working simple tasks online on daily basis. However, We also know that internet is full of lots of fraud ideas now a days to make money online hence it is most important to enter in genuine and good ideas where you can really earn a good amount of money.

So here in this blog I am going to tell you one of the fast and best plan to make fast money online. so Now, I will tell you the ATC Plan to make fast money online –


What is ATC :

ATC is a fastest growing Crypto currency based in India launched world wide like Bitcoin, Etherium, Ripple and other crypto currencies.

As this information is about earn money online using crypto currencies hence this is most important for you to have a basic overview that what are Crypto Currencies. I would like to tell you that Crypto Currencies are the the centralized currencies all over the world.

First Crypto currency was Bitcoin which was launched in 2009 with very low price. Bitcoin starting price was less than 1 Indian rupees and today Bitcoin price is 2 Lac 80000 Indian rupee . Bitcoin price increased year by year and today it is almost impossible to buy a bitcoin for a middle class man. However, you still have the chance to invest in ATC (similar to BTC but as it is  a new currency hence ATC price is very low in today). ATC price may increase soon as fast as BTC price and this is the golden chance for all of us to buy ATC as soon as possible before it price go very high.

You may check Crypto currencies prices at coinmarket or on similar other exchanges including ATC coin price.


Here you can register for free in ATC Coin. Click on the below link and sign up for free.

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When ATC coin was launched in April 2017 . ATC price was Rs 1 per ATC and now within 4-5 months ATC price is 12.50 Rs per ATC so you can imagine that how fast ATC is growing. Same growing rate was for BTC in 2009 and now after 8 years BTC price is 2 Lacs 80,000 per BTC. so you can imagine that what ATC price will be after few years

As per ATC itself its price will be like that :

starting price (April 2017) – 1 Rs per ATC

June 2017 price – 8 Rs per ATC

Aug 2017 Price – 12.50 Rs per ATC

Dec 2017 price – 100 Rs per ATC

Dec 2018 price – 2000 Rs per ATC

Dec 2019 price – 10,000 Rs per ATC

and will increase like that in future. Also ATC has launched a super fast plan to do business with ATC in which ATC is making business partners to earn fast money online. In this business plan you can earn 1 Cr to 2 Cr within 1 year just by investing Rs 5000 in ATC. You may do free registration here to start this business and once you will be register we will provide you further details. Register now by clicking this link –

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As we know that ATC coin price is already increasing on fastest speed as Bitcoin and ATC may be second BTC in the world in few years. ATC price is increasing superfast due to following reasons –

  1. There are limited number of coin (ATC coin) in the world like BTC are limited.
  2. As only limited circulation is there of ATC hence more business and people will accept ATC more ATC price will be increased. Big companies like Aamazong and other selling companies are already joined with ATC and price of ATC is already increasing at fastest speed.
  3. ATC coins are limited and and number of ATC coins cannot be increase with its increasing value hence price of per ATC will increase very fast like price of BTC has been increased at super fast speed. Imagine if you have bought BTC in 2009 or in 2010 when BTC price was just below rs 100 per BTC then you will be a billionaire today. However, as you have already lose the opportunity to buy BTC but you may buy the ATC today as price is low which will be increased soon.

Here is the income plane of ATC

There are Four types of Incomes in ATC Plan –

1) Direct Level Income (10%)
Any person sponsored by you in the plan will be your direct level and you will earn 10% income from your direct sponsor. You may sponsored unlimited people directly and your income will be 10% every time they invest.

EXAMPLE – If your direct sponsor invest rupee 5000 in the plan than you will get 10% of 5000 (500) on the same time. Also, in future as and when this person will invest in the plan you will get 10% evertime

Benefit of Investment – Suppose you purchase ATC coin of rs 5000 today than you will get 400 ATC (12.50 per atc today 15 Aug 2017 rate). Now you will start getting automatically 10% of 400 ATC (40 ATC) per month up to 18 moths from the date of investment . So you will get total (18*40 = 720 ATC) in 18 months while you just invest 400 ATC and ATC price is increasing day by day hence you will get a big amount of money back for invest of rs 5000 as ATC price is increasing fast however this is invidiual choice to invest or not in the system.

2) Level Income
ATC Plan provide the opportunity to earn up to 250 level  which is itself a big business. Level income will be provided on daily basis hence no wait even a single day. This make this ATC plan very straight forward

ATC Plan level income is as below –

Level One time Sales Income (Level Income)
Level 1   – 10.00%
Level 2   – 5.00%
Level 3    –   One time Sales Income (Level Income)
Level  4 to 8     -2.00%
Level 9 to 12  – 1.50%
Level 13 to 15  – 1.00%
Level 16 to 25    – 0.20%
Level 26-50      –  0.10%
LEVEL – 51-250  0.05%
3) Direct Growth Income – ROI (10%)
Direct growth income is 10% every month up to 18 months from the date of deposit confirmation.
10% ATC of total ATC coins will be credited to your account on 1st of every months (As well as ATC coin price will increased your benefit will increase). As we know that ATC price is increasing very fast hence this growth rate may be very high and your benefit will be high as well.
It will be credit till 18 months and will show on Member’s I wallet.
Example : If you purchased 1000 ATC Coin then you will get 100 ATC Coin every-month till 18 months.

4) Growth Level Income:
Suppose members direct growth income (of their own investment) is 10% of 5000 i.e. 500. Now Growth Level Income will distribute against Direct Growth Income means 500 will distribute up to 100 levels according to below mention figures.

Level Monthly Income of Cashback Payment (Growth Level Income)
1 5.00%
2-3 4.00%
3 3.00%
4 2.00%
5-15 1.00%
16-25 0.20%
26-50 0.10%
51-100 0.05%
5) Reward
Level Rewards Downline Needed to Acheve Level
1 2
2 4
3 Personnel Accident Policy – 5 lakhs rupees 8
4 Family Floter Mediclame Policy – 1 Lakh 16
5 2 days Education Tour 24
6 Monthly Core Group Meeting with GALA DINNER By CMD Recommended 64
7 6% 128
8 4 N/5D Thailand Tour 258
9 5% 512
10 Singapore Tour with Family 1024
11 4% 2048
12 London Europe Tour with Office Visit 4096
13 3% Royalty + Toyota Fortuner 8192
14 2% Royalty + Mercedes 16384
15 1% Royalty + Jaguar Car 32768

So we can say that you can be a Millionaire by just investing rs 5000 in this plan as we can see the live example of BTC . People who invested even just rs 1000 in year 2009 or in year 2010 are billionaire today as BTC price has increased in multiplications of Lacs and this will be going to happen with ATC as well.

Join now free –

and email us – for more details (provide your phone number in the email and we will call you back).

Register free before emailing us and must use refer id – TECH for

You may Also buy the products on following companies using ATC  as claimed by ATC as these companies are associated with ATC and ATC wallet coins can be used to buy the products from these companies :

You can Purchase Flipkart products with ATC
You can Purchase Amazon products with ATC
You can Recharge Mobile Prepaid, Postpaid, DTH, etc
You can Purchase online Panthjali Product
You can Purchase and apply for Vijay Personal Loan, Car Loan, Home Loan etc
You can Book Air Ticket, Bus Ticket, Book Cabs
You can Purchase Daily use Vegetables, Milk, etc
and Many more
There is much more that you can do by using ATC Coin and many new things will be opening soon in the near future. All this make ATC coin more valuable and it is very clear now that ATC coin price is going to increase very fast

Note: Presently Mobile Top-Up facility is available from ATC Coin.

You may register now for free for ATC PLAN

Register here –

Refer id – TECH

Once register just email us – and we will provide you further details and will help you to grow your business superfast. Provide your mobile number in the email and our associate will call you as soonest.

Please register first for free and only then email us as we need only serious people in this business . We believe in you Grow We Grow faster.









Disclaimer : We are not responsible for any kind of loss in the business as every business is a matter of risk at a point.




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