How to Change Facebook Password

By | August 22, 2017

Almost all of us use Facebook every day. Facebook is one of the biggest social site in the world where world connect together and this is the reason that even  big businesses focus on Facebook today as one of the best advertise platform. However, In general we use Facebook to  be connected with our Friends, Family and colleagues. We can share our pics, videos and lots of fun moments and this is also a social platform where our friends, family congratulate us or give us  best wishes on special occasions to make our day happier and this is one of the best source to  be connected with them on daily   basis.

However, it is most important to keep your Facebook account secure as there may be lots of your personal information . To keep Facebook account secure you have to change your Facebook password time to time . You have to change your password after every 3 months to avoid any risk of hacking your Facebook account but the questions is that how to change your Facebook password in case you want to change. So below are the steps to change your Facebook account password  –

  1. Login to your Facebook Account
  2. Go to setting page on facebook
  3. Now click on security and setting
  4. You will see change password option
  5. click on edit
  6. type your current password in current password field
  7. type your new password (password which you want to replace)
  8. confirm new password (same password as in previous field)
  9. click on save changes

Now your Facebook password has been changes. So these are the  basic simple steps to change your Facebook password

This is how to change Facebook Password to keep your Facebook account secure and safe.


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