How to Change Gmail Password

By | August 22, 2017

How to change your gmail password in simple steps. It will not take more than 5 minutes to change your Gmail password on your computer or mobile device as per your choice. Changing gmail password regularly will protect you from online hackers and many more , It will help to keep your gmail account safe and secure. As your gmail account may have your personal information or any kind of documentations and there are hackers in the online market who wants to hack your gmail account due to several reason and may be most common reason is to steal your personal information. So in our personal opinion it will be your wise decision if you change your gmail password after every 3-4 months to avoid possible hacking of your gmail account. Now we will tell you that how to change your Gmail account password in simple steps :

  1. Sign in your gmail account you want to change the password for
  2. once your gmail account log in In , go the upper right corner on your account
  3. In upper right corner you will see the gear button (setting like button)
  4. click on gear button
  5. you will see the few options  – click on setting
  6. now see in the upper line below setting
  7. you will see multiple tabs – click on Accounts and import
  8. on the top you will see change account setting
  9. click on change password
  10. once you will click on change password- gmail will ask to enter your current password
  11. Enter your current password and click on login again
  12. now you will see the option of – current password and new password
  13. type current password in current password field
  14. now in new password field enter the password which you want to replace with
  15. in confirm password option confirm the new password again
  16. Now you will see change password option in below – click on change password

Your gmail password is changed now and you can login to your gmail account with your new gmail password.

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