How to Recover forgot Gmail Password – Easy Steps

By | February 18, 2018

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Have You Forgot your Gmail email password ?

Did you use your gmail email months ago and do not remember your password but this account is important for you now to recover ?

How will you recover your forgot gmail email password if it is required to you now.

Don’t worry if you forgot your gmail email password, there are easy ways to recover it. But how will you resolve your gmail email password fast if you really lose it . Here we will tell you the easy steps :

Good News about gmail is that you can re-gain your gmail email account password by going a validation process if you do not remember it any ways :

How to Recover you Gmail account Password :

  1. Are you make sure that you have a secondary email address already registered with your email address for which you want to recover the password or if you have a registered mobile number with that email address.
  2. If not, have you not log in for this email in last 5 days.
  3. If prompted, enter your email id or phone number on your account support page
  4. now click Next

Once you will click on next google will ask certain questions from your for the email address you want to recover :

  1. Answer to google as asked and click next
  2. If you cannot answer the questions asked than
  3. click on different questions and enter your registered email id or phone number if already registered earlier

What Questions Google will ask for recovery of your gmail account password :

In order to recover the gmail account password google can ask the following questions :

A Previous password of your gmail id :

First questions google will ask to enter your any of the old password if you remember for that particular gmail id. If you remember an old password than this is the easiest ways to recover your gmail id password.. If not remember any old password than

When you have registered for this gmail id (Year, date and month). In fact most of us do not remember the date , month and year of an email id when you have registered for this hence this is most difficult to give answer of this one as far as you have not written this somewhere at the time of gmail registration.

Verification using a code for gmail id  :

An sms (text) message from google will be received at your registered email id or phone number . You can use this code to recover your gmail id password

So it can be recover with two step authentication like below :

Enter a phone number for account password recovery purpose . text message (code) will be received from 

Enter a secondary recovery email id and a text message (code) will be prompted which will receive to your recovery email address. You can enter that message to recover your gmail password.

Google will ask the registration date , month and year of your email id to recover the password. Enter the correct details and your gmail id password will be recover immediately

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