How to Stop Pop-up ads in Chrome easy steps

By | August 22, 2017

Pop up ads are one of the most irritating thing on your computer or mobile phone when they start to showing on every where. When you see Pop up ads there on the screen you really feel something worst there and this is my personal experience with pop up ads …hahaha. However, Google itself doing a good job to stop spam kind of things on the internet and pop ads somewhere we can count in spam but this is there business after all so google cannot remove the all I assume. There can be several reason that pop up ads suddenly start to showing on your computer screen like there are some changes in your browser setting , off course you may not have make these setting as per your choice but by error you have made sudden changes and ads started showing your your computer and second may be you visit a website where there are lots of pop up ads and you subscribe that website as well so pop up ads will be started showing there on your screen now

Best solution to stop these pop up ads from your computer screen is to un-install your browser and remove all the history of your browser and than you can re-install your browser after 5 minutes. Your pop up ads will be removed by this method. This is my favorite solution to get rid off pop up ads.

Second best and easy option is here to remove pop up ads from google chrom

  1. See upper right corner (in the last) on your chrome menu
  2. you will see three dots there
  3. click on these 3 dots (this is the menu of chrome)
  4. now click on setting
  5. now typing in pop us
  6. click on content setting button there
  7. now click pop ups
  8. blocked the pop ups option and delete the exceptions

And now your google chrome pop up ads will be removed from the chrome.

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