Is It True that Chinese ARMY is more powerful than India

By | August 22, 2017

Well ! As this is one of the most hot topic in the world that which country army is more powerful. Is it India or China People Liberation Army ??? If we see the data everywhere than China People Liberation Army may be more powerful than India Army but facts may be somewhere difference. It is not like that it may be.


Current tension between India and china on Doklam stand off is not finish yet and china claims that China People Liberation Army is the most powerful army in Asia and Indian can not stand in front of them but still China is not able to attack because china know very well that India is not alone. If china will proceed for a war than Japan and US will attack china with India.

Apart from this Japan and US power it is my personal opinion that India Armed forces is more powerful than Chinese People Liberation Army. India Armed forces are number 1 Armed forces in Asia and there is no doubt in this. Chinese People Liberation army cannot be stand in front of Indian Armed Forces if war will be happen. We know that China People liberation Army is only by the CCP, of the CCP and for the CCP. Chinese People Liberation Army do not fight for people and they fight for CCP only while India Armed forces fight for the people and Indian Army is one of the bravest army in the world.

Japan, US and India also have done the Malabar war exercise where all three country sent a strong message to China and Indian Armed forces alone are also capable for this.

Also, we have some friends in china and we ask them if that which country Army is number 1 in Asia. Most of them reply was that India Armed forces are strongest in the world and they are number 1 in Asia. There are around 70% Chinese friends reply the same that India is at number 1 in Asia while around 20% was in favor of Japan that Japan is number 1 in the Asia while only 10% was in favor of China so Chinese itself do not think that China is number one while they think that India is number 1 is Asia or Japan may be . Also our personal view is that China People Liberation Army is not as powerful as Indian Armed Forces.

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