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By | October 27, 2017

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Is Nokia 6 worth to Buy ?

Our Answer is Yes, Nokia 6 is absolutely worth to Buy. We would like to tell you that Nokia 6 is a solid phone in comparison of Chinese Phones in the Market.

Nokia was known as for its durability and yes now Nokia Android come with the same features. Nokia 6 passed the exam on durability scale and score excellently good.

Nokia 6 comes with 16 MP Primary camera and 8 MP front facing camera in HD quality. If you are a lover of taking selfies and clicking HD quality images or making videos you can go for this phone. Nokia 6 is a brand who believe make the products good on quality and durability scale. It is powered by Android v7.1.1 Nougat OS with Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 octa core processor. Snapdragon 430 may be sounds like a weak processor in comparison of 625 which most of the chinese phones are offering but you never know that Nokia has played masterstroke here choosing 430 instead of 625 which make this phone processing excellent. Below are the benefits of choosing 430 processor

Best Phone to Buy Under 10000 Rs

SD 430 power efficiency is much much better than SGD 625

SD 430 having the powerful GPU (adreno 505) which is slightly a compromise to adreno 506 in SD625 ,but almost every game will run in that too without any hiccups. Also, If a phone do not hiccups on playing games than you should be sure that phone will not be hanged at any other place. Gaming needs a strong processor to play HD games and games are the reasons make your phone start hanging but ever if this phone is not getting hanged on playing games than you should not worry about any other features.

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10 Reasons to Buy Nokia 6

  1. Durability and Built Quality of Nokia 6 : Nokia 6 phone is made of the 6000 aluminium series (same as iPhone). Phone is polished minimum for 5 times putting through the 2 anodizing processes taking minimum 12 hours to complete. This process make the phone ultimate and solid on durability scale. Process also made the phone body beautifully design.  Phone is beautiful, design well crafted and with excellent quality. Nokia 6 is built considering durability and a great feel with extremely good material quality.  Buy Now
  2. Reliability : As we know that Nokia Brand is known as for its reliability and durability from the start. Do You know that Nokia devices are exposed to over 600 tests and 50 of these solely focus on reliability and durability. Buy Now
  3. Latest and Pure Android : Nokia 6 phone is powered by Android Nougat which is most latest android version and known as strongest processor. You will experience a fast and fluid operating system experience on this device. There is no heavy skin loading with pure nougat operating system in Nokia 6 , Almost same technique has been used for Nokia for operating system like Google pixel phone by Google.   Buy Now
  4. Bloat Free Phone : Company install the google services in well maintained manner in the phone considering that phone will be full of google thread services and no unnecessary extras like Chinese phones. This will make your data secure and will make your phone processing smoother and phone will run extremely smooth without any hassle.    Buy Now
  5. Safe and Secure with Regular Updates : Company is providing regular monthly security update on the phone to keep your data secure and to keep you out of reach from malware. Nokia delivering all the updates including monthly security updates or latest android version released. Nokia 6 providing ultimate updates to keep your data and device secure and safe.   Buy Now
  6. Entertainment Suitable Screen : Either you want to play games or want to watch HD videos with your friends, family or partner, Nokia 6 comes with 5.5” Full HD display and wide color reproduction which make feel you good entertaining.   Buy Now
  7. Awesome Listening Experience : Nokia 6 comes with dual speakers and dedicated amplifier with loud sound, great clarity and deep bass which make the listening experience extremely good.  Buy Now
  8. Combination of Powerful Graphics and most updated processor make the phone super smooth : Nokia 6 powered by latest generation Qualcomm snapdragon nougat 430 processor. Company has designed the phone considering excellent battery life smooth functioning without any stuck. Graphics performance is extremely awesome in this range. Combination of powerful graphics and most updated processor make the phone performance super good.  Buy Now
  9. Camera is Stunning : Nokia brand itself known as for best camera qualities. Nokia 6 primary and front facing camera both are awesome with HD quality. The Auto focus of Nokia 6 camera is blazing fast and night performance is awesome   Buy Now
  10. The legendary brand name ” Nokia ” : Who will not like to carry a a best smartphone with big brand name Nokia ?

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