Ximoney.site review – Scam or Legit – XiMoney Review -XIMONEY.SITE FRAUD

By | September 26, 2017

XiMoney.site is a new website which is offering to make money online for watching add on their website. Ximoney.site is claiming that website will give you 10 cents for every one ad review and as per them you can earn a good amount of money on daily basis.

Most of these kids of sites are fraud and you cannot withdraw money from these sites once you will reach the threshold limits. Our advise is to not waste your time and money with this website and Ximoney.in is not going to pay you in the last and your journey with Ximoney.site can be ended just by losing your time.


ximoney.site firstly will ask you to register with the site for free and you can start earning immediately for seeing ads once you will join. After that ximoney.site will ask you to provide referral to earn more money with referral and can ask you to join for paid referrals as well. As cash out limit is $150.00 which you will reach in around 2 months on this site.

Once you will reach your withdraw limit 150.00 on the site than they will deduct your amount and your time and money both will go waste. So do not join ximoney.site and save your time and money both


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